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Lost Car Keys

If you’ve lost your keys or had them stolen and need replacements, have our trusted team replace your electronic fobs wherever you are. With our specialised equipment, your new keys will be cut while you wait, saving you time, money and guaranteeing your vehicle security. If you suspect they have been stolen then we are able to replace the locks, ensuring that only your new keys work with the locks to keep your mind at ease.


Car Key Repair

Is your key damaged? In need of replacement? Has it snapped in the ignition? Our professionals are able to extract key shafts without causing damage. We can refurbish or replace the majority of keys used for today’s cars. This will save you money compared to getting a full replacement. If it’s your only car key, once fixed, we would highly recommend having a spare cut too, as taking the risk of owning just one key can be an expensive experience!


Car Key Reprogramming

Our professionals use the latest technology when programming car keys, transponder chips, key less fobs and remotes. Most keys need programming to work with the immobiliser to allow the car to start. Because we come to you, we’ll set you back on the road as quickly as possible. There is no need of the extra cost of being towed. Just phone us instead.


Locked Keys in Car

If you have accidentally locked your keys in your car and don’t have a duplicate then don’t worry. We are experts at vehicle lock picking. We offer quick responsive assistance in gaining entry to your car in minutes with no damage ensuring that you can continue on your way in no time at all.


Lock Repairs

Our Auto Locksmith can help with any Car Lock mechanism problems such as damaged and broken car lock, if the lock is jammed and won’t open or car key is jammed in ignition.

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